Collaborate with us!

The Swiss Global Competence Lab is interested in research and teaching collaborations with partners from the public and private sectors, research and teaching institutions, and society at large.

SGCL also provides training and assessment tools and develops solutions for its client institutions by connecting specialists across disciplines and sectors to enhance innovation and cooperation. Furthermore, SGCL is able to partner with you in your internationalization and global competence project, from supporting with your grant proposal application to coordinating your project deliverables to organizing international, impactful dissemination events.

The key areas of expertise within the field of internationalization include

(i) the internationalization of the curriculum (IoC), i.e., internationalization expertise in curriculum design as well as internationalized pedagogical approaches,
(ii) global competence development and global citizenship, i.e., competence development and assessment, and
(iii) transdisciplinary networking and collaboration, i.e., establishing new contacts or coordinating transdisciplinary projects between numerous stakeholders.

We are happy to discuss your projects and ideas. Please contact us to set up a meeting.