Current projects:


Developing a Sustainable Global Competence Certificate in Switzerland (funded by Movetia)

This project aims to develop a joint Certificate of Global Competence based of new and existing cross-validated higher education training components for students.


ConnectEurasia: Designing Collaborative Online Learning for Sustainability (funded by Movetia)

The SGCL supports HES-SO / HEG Arc in this project that aims to develop a joint collaborative online learning module with partners from China, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan. 

Completed projects:


High-impact measures for the comprehensive internationalisation of curricula in Switzerland

Project program:

Funded by:
Movetia, Internationl Pilot Program


Swiss Global Competence Lab (funded by Movetia)

While the Lab has already been established, this project entails several outcomes that we look forward to sharing with you throughout the year, e.g., a professional development curriculum and a handbook focusing on global competences in higher education.  


Aligning Swiss and Vietnamese Perspectives on Global Competences (funded by the Leading House Asia, ETH)

In our continuous effort to bring global perspectives to the Swiss tertiary education sector, this exploratory project seeks to expand our expertise to measure awareness and needs of as well as attitudes towards intercultural competence and global skills from an understudied perspective (Vietnam).